100% Natural Cuisine for the Elite Athlete and Backcountry Explorer

100% Natural Cuisine for the Elite Athlete and Backcountry Explorer

Wild Drake will be offering a line of super-healthy trail food and beverages, hiking them out of the backwoods and into the public marketplace. Beginning with local markets and events and expanding through focused regional opportunities, we expect to see our products lining store shelves and the backpacks of happy campers within the next year. Our preliminary offerings have been very well received and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We advocate having a choice in what you consume and we intend to provide the best possible options for backpackers, hikers, trekkers, travelers, and any athlete who needs a healthy, delicious, nutrient dense, portable meal, snack and beverage. Our meals, bars, beverages and teas would likewise be awesome, consumed at home, as part of a care package, for a quick nutritious snack, or simply to have on hand for emergency preparedness.

In the very near future, Wild Drake will initially be offering three food bars, including our Bios™ Bar, Ascension™ Bar, and Autumn Harvest™ Bar, our incredible Hydraulic™ Hydrator, several flavors of our Ere The Dawn™ Quinoa Breakfast Porridge, along with hot beverages, including our luscious, super-nutritious ProMotion™ Protein Beverage. Full meals will be added to the line-up soon! Additionally, we have several of our specialty tea blends ready to hit the trail/market, and we can’t imagine a cool morning without a steaming cup of AscenTea™ to assist your summit push or an evening nightcap with our DescenTea™.

We love to take a mid-morning break with either a mug full of our sultry ProMotion protein beverage, or a summery cup of our stimulating AscenTea. Pair either of these with one of our scrumptious food bars and a great view, and life is fabulous!

We’re also concentrating on the final touches for our more substantial meals, lunch and dinner, and, quite possibly, personal products, like our Travel Savvy™ all-purpose salve and bath salts (unnamed at the moment), both for easing discomfort in trail weary bodies.

Thank you for your support!


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