WildDrake Cuisine

After several months of backpacking and product finalization we have perfected many of our everyday trail food products for market… We’re starting with…

Our ProMotion™ beverage, combines the best of coffee, cacao and whey protein to power you through your day and to your summit. ProMotion will available in several flavors including a Chai ProMotion, Cocoa ProMotion, Vanilla Spice ProMotion, etc.

Our Ascension™ bar, a clean combination of coffee, cacao, cherries, almonds and hemp seed, providing ample energy for long days in the office or on the trail.

Our Bios™ bar, my favorite, a delicious combination of cacao and cherries for anti-inflammatory and healing properties* as well as a taste to die for and a powerful punch throughout your day.

In addition we have several delicious Teas, most notably our DescenTea™ hot tea, a warm, satisfying way to retire your day and, our Ere The Dawn™ breakfast porridge. Perfect for those cool, crisp, need-to-get-up and go-strong mornings.

All of our products contain no artificial ingredients, no fillers, no unhealthy or questionable binders, no bad fats, no saturated fats, no corn, no soy, no wheat, gluten-free, and dairy-free with the exception of whey protein. We will never use preservatives nor any nonsense ingredients, ever!… All of our products will be consistently organic and non-GMO. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Many other products are reaching their final taste and nutritional evaluations and will be ready for market quite soon. Chances are, we’ll be releasing several products each month once we initially begin.

Oh, and before I forget, some of our favorite dehydrated trail meals are ready to move, too. We know you’ll love them as much as we do and were all too excited to introduce them to you.

Tread lightly, tread often and consume consciously, and conscientiously.

Reach Your Summit™

David and Janice

*some product evaluations may not have been established by the FDA.


Published by

Wild Drake

Coming soon: Exquisitely perfected, Health Conscious, Travel & Trail Cuisine. We may be Organic, non-GMO, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Nutrient-dense and Delicious. We may also be Vegetarian and/or Vegan but certainly not limited to such... For the Omnivore we may offer Grass-fed, Free-Range, Cage-free, etc., when available. Bottom line... We intend on offering the very best in Conscious Trail Cuisine! We love it and believe you will too.

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