Recently, it seems like there have been a thousand things going on for WildDrake and at times, it has been a bit frenetic around here, but we are thoroughly enjoying every moment! I figured that it was about time to share an update of our events and progression.

David has been hard at work on finalizing our logo and we are expecting to post the selection soon. It has been a time-consuming production but it has assisted in refining our vision for ourselves and the WildDrake brand. It is extraordinarily difficult to culminate your entire existence in a single symbol but after extensive agonizing, it appears that we are close to that achievement. I must also add that David has been very patient and insightful during the process and he displayed amazing levels of tolerance as we had to tweak the font, the colors, or other tiny, albeit significant details.


I have been occupied with our food and we are anxiously awaiting our FDA nutrition labels. It will be exhilarating to see them on the new packaging, boldly adorned with our impending logo! I have also been subjecting David to a series of new variations for our at-home meals and we have been noshing on kale salads, quinoa coconut pancakes (grain, gluten, and dairy-free), egg-white frittatas, bean and veggie soups, an array of casseroles, and one emerging favorite is our breakfast pizza. It has an almond meal crust so it is grain-free, gluten-free, vegetarian (we use organic, free-range eggs), and it is equally tasty without cheese but sometimes we add a bit of some organic cheese if we have it on hand. Fortunately, we both love the version with fresh Spring garlic! Additionally, this experimentation has given us further inspiration for products, and we anticipate several upcoming announcements regarding those choices.

To remain focused, healthy, and happy, we have to get outside but time constraints have kept us close to home. We are fortunate to be located in a place that is laden with opportunities for hiking and we can manage to get in a great day without going far. Our last adventure was a return to the Wilderness of Rocks area in the Catalinas, which is a destination that we loved revisiting. Besides the gorgeous scenery, the tantalizing aroma of long-needled pine trees, the fantastic view of Tucson sprawling out below, and the chance of seeing wildlife, the terrain is covered with rocks, boulders, and assorted outcroppings, and hence the name-Wilderness of Rocks. This also means that David can indulge in some scrambling and climbing and I am happy to stay below and be the team photographer for a change. As he hangs rather precariously at times, it does get a bit nerve-wracking for me but I know that he is strong and has incredible balance and that he will soon be dancing along the top of the formation. This latest excursion provided me (ground support) an opportunity to get some nice photos of a horny toad that I happened upon while David was ascending. They are such prehistoric little creatures and I am fascinated by them every time we see one and this particular fellow (maybe it is a girl? my horny toad sexing skills are quite lacking!) was entirely charming. If my prince was not already clinging to the side of the rocks above me, I could have almost kissed him!


On the WildDrake Apothecary front, we will soon have our bug repellent available, just in time for mosquito and fly season! Our LameDuck Recovery Rub is doing well and it has joined the lineup. Part of the fun is in the timing and we need the new logo in order to finish up the labels so all of our ducks have to be in a row for it all to come together! It does seem to be happening quickly now and we hope to share them with you in the near future. We will keep you posted as our momentum increases and our lineup becomes commercially accessible.


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Wild Drake

Coming soon: Exquisitely perfected, Health Conscious, Travel & Trail Cuisine. We may be Organic, non-GMO, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Nutrient-dense and Delicious. We may also be Vegetarian and/or Vegan but certainly not limited to such... For the Omnivore we may offer Grass-fed, Free-Range, Cage-free, etc., when available. Bottom line... We intend on offering the very best in Conscious Trail Cuisine! We love it and believe you will too.

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