WildDrake Earth Day ’14 Photo Collage

100_1888 copy
Mint Springs Trail
100_1889 copy
Santa Catalina Mountains, Aspen Fire 2003
100_1894 copy
Mint Spring
100_1895 copy
Janice @ Mint Spring
100_1904 copy
Mint Springs / Aspen Trail, Day Hike; This area has been impacted by overuse, please practice WildDrake.com
Aspen Trail
David Planning His Next Hike
100_1906 copy
Rattlesnake Peak (left) to Cathedral Rock (right). Wonderful Ridge Hike!
100_1911 copy
Horned Toad Lizard
100_1914 copy
Mt. Wrightson w/ Thimble Peak and Saddleback Ridge in the foreground
100_1919 copy
Wilderness of Rocks
100_1920 copy
Thimble Peak and Saddleback Ridge w/ Tucson in the background
100_1931 copy
Janice on Her Way Down the Aspen Trail

Happy Earth Day 2014!


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Wild Drake

Coming soon: Exquisitely perfected, Health Conscious, Travel & Trail Cuisine. We may be Organic, non-GMO, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Nutrient-dense and Delicious. We may also be Vegetarian and/or Vegan but certainly not limited to such... For the Omnivore we may offer Grass-fed, Free-Range, Cage-free, etc., when available. Bottom line... We intend on offering the very best in Conscious Trail Cuisine! We love it and believe you will too.

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