Sand Storm / Monsoon

On our way home from spending the day in Bisbee, AZ we captured this shot of a Sand Storm, combination Monsoon, that hit Tombstone, AZ a few minutes after we began exploring the town. The mountain range in the distance is most likely the southern tip of the Dragoons but it could be the Swisshelm range and/or the Chiricahua’s (hard to tell with all the weather activity in the area).

Sand Storm
Sand Storm

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Wild Drake

Coming soon: Exquisitely perfected, Health Conscious, Travel & Trail Cuisine. We may be Organic, non-GMO, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Nutrient-dense and Delicious. We may also be Vegetarian and/or Vegan but certainly not limited to such... For the Omnivore we may offer Grass-fed, Free-Range, Cage-free, etc., when available. Bottom line... We intend on offering the very best in Conscious Trail Cuisine! We love it and believe you will too.

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